I’m in and I’m out again

I haven’t been in a hospital since I was 9 and so to end up having to go twice in under 2 weeks is a rare thing for me. I admit that when I went in the first time, I should have just let them do the surgery the first time, but when you know that you have a lot to do and places to be, you know that you just want to feel better to get through the next few days.

I felt better, that was the thing and so I thought that I was getting better, however my mind was just putting it away while I was busy and I was, so I thought I was getting better and yet, I wasn’t. I was still in pain and as soon as I stopped rushing around and got some rest, the pain came back and with a vengeance, which led to more time in hospital.

Now that I am out again, I am on a lot of pain killers and one of them makes me so drowsy that it is hard to even keep my eyes open when I have just spent the last 15 hours asleep (You don’t get a lot of sleep in hospital).

I guess in this post, I just wanted to say that if you are in hospital or if you are ill then you should go and see a professional and get some help because it is better to go in and get help rather than go in and then out again. Getting it over with in one go is better than going back over and over again.

I guess because I waited and put the pain out of my mind, I now have to take the consequences. I now have to take pain killers which put me to sleep and I now have to take 2 weeks off school because I am more likely to fall asleep in class and also because I am in a lot of pain, the good thing is that because I am doing a computer degree, a lot of my work is online and so I can do it from home, but I could do without the pain.

So if you are ill or in pain than go to the doctors or hospital and let them help you. Don’t just put it to the back of your mind because you get more consequences than before.

About oddchildout

18 and at University. Good with computers, well I have to be when I work with them and getting a degree in them, I guess. I live at home with my parents and two sisters. Not much really, but I am the Oddchildout.
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