Do you care?

I recently got out of hospital, I was in there for a few days and in the end, I really wanted to get out. I haven’t been in or gone near a hospital since my granddad died in february and so it scared me to be back in a hospital.

Now as soon as I was admitted my mother started to call everyone under the known planet that I was in hospital, that I was ok and that I was having a lot of tests done. I also told my friends that I was in hospital and updated my status on BBM.

Now this guy who I spend all my time with was really sweet to me. He wanted to know what the doctors were saying and how I was doing and he even answered my call when I called him because I was scared about what was going to happen, but he is nothing more than my friend.

However, there is this guy who had previously asked me out on a date and I had told him that we should go just as friends. Now he had obviously seen my status on BBM and someone would have told him, but he still hasn’t bothered to text me or ask me how I am even though I am slowly getting better.

So it made me wonder if he really cared about me and then I realised that I don’t need people in my life who aren’t going to care about me when I am lying in a hospital bed, sick and in pain. I also did wonder if people closer to me than that guy would care about me and then I remembered that they had already turn their back on me, so they probably wouldn’t.

The thing is, I always choose the perfect moments to get sick and I always have the weird and wonderful cases. I also thought about the last time that I had been rushed to hospital and who took me. It made me sad to realise what had happened in the last few months and so it really made me wonder ‘do you care?’ There are some people that I can ask that too and then there are others that I won’t be able to ask that too. I have to learn to pick my fights and some fights are not worth it.

I just have to keep remembering that and reminding myself that the people who leave my life have only made it better as they have helped me to see the truth and the light.

So the next time that someone upsets you, hurts you or even makes you wonder if they are true to you then just ask them ‘Do you care?’ I know that sometimes the answers are not always what you seek and sometimes the people really make you wonder about trust because their loyalty is not the same as yours, but with them out of your life and out of the way of harming you, you will be happier without the constant wandering of it they do really care because you shouldn’t have to think that about people you love or even are close to. You all deserve to be cared about.

Remember that.

For me it took going into hospital to see a lot of people’s true colours and I am sure there have been other instances like mine that have really made you think about the people close to you and whether they are as loyal as you believe them to be. In the end, people’s true colours shall always prevail.


About oddchildout

18 and at University. Good with computers, well I have to be when I work with them and getting a degree in them, I guess. I live at home with my parents and two sisters. Not much really, but I am the Oddchildout.
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