As promised…

As promised, the first chapter of my book from my hobby page. My friend is seeing about getting them published. So fingers crossed.

Chapter 1: What I was

I always knew I was different from other people. I knew that I didn’t belong, that I was, well odd. But, I never thought that I would be so different as to be a Goddess. That’s right, a Goddess. A Greek one and no, I’m not a Demi-god and no, I’m not a Goddess that you would know. So, don’t bother looking me up.

The God’s called me Crimson, after the colour of my hair. I was made by the 12 main God’s:

I was made for two purposes and two only, to keep Hades in line and to watch as mankind changed. You see, the God’s were having trouble with 21st century mankind, something about they never listened and that they were too technological to be religious. So, they made me, a child born to watch the 21st century.



“Zeus!” I yelled at my husband who was seated at his throne at the front of the round table, where the 13 of us would normally sit for a conference. He was wearing his usual white toga that was kept up by a badge on his shoulder. The badge was a lightning bolt today. His red hair and beard were ragged like he was nervous, I knew why. “Zeus, is it true? Is it true that we have to make a baby from ourselves to do those deeds?”

“Yes.” He sighed as he rested his head on his propped up hand.

“Why?” I screamed. A child’s life is precious and I could not sit back and watch a baby do that deed.

“Cause we need her.” He said so calmly and it sounded very arrogant that I wanted to fight him, but I knew I’d lose if I did.

“So that’s it? What if we lose her?!” I almost cried at him.

“You will be her mother, we won’t lose her.”

“So what? She’ll be your weapon, not my daughter.”

“Yes, she will. We won’t use her until needed, I promise you.” I thought this over and I thought hard. We both knew that Hades was coming and coming hard. We needed a new weapon and nothing we made would do it.

I sighed hard and curled my fingers in a hard fist before releasing them. A gentle breeze made my dress, which was pure silk with off shoulder straps and a beaded belt around my waist, move slightly. My hair was in its blonde curls and was up, with a beaded crystal headband keeping it in place.

“Fine, I’ll do it. However, nothing happens in her life without my say so.”

“Deal, dear wife. Deal.”



The day I was decided to be made, Hades had started to up rise again and Zeus needed a better weapon, me.

Every one of the main 12 Gods turned up to the creation ceremony, all with their doubts about what they were doing. I mean wouldn’t you? It goes against all the things they were used to.



I was seated next to Zeus at my daughter’s creation ceremony and I could feel a chill in the air, it was ice cold and slightly harsh.

“My family, we are here to protect ourselves. Speak now of your troubles, before the ceremony has begun.” Zeus bellowed through the hall. Athena’s hand went up and Zeus granted her.

“Father, what will this child be to us?”

“She will be your sister, Athena and she will be one of us, an immortal God. She will be the one to save us all.” Ares’ hand was next and he too was granted.

“What do we give her?”

“To make her, you will have to give her copy of one of your organs or limbs. It will go as such.” He made a scroll appear from the lightning and he read off of it.

“Hephaestus!” Hephaestus stood up and bowed.

“You will give her a right arm.”

“Yes father.”

“Poseidon!” Poseidon stood from his seat beside me, but because he was his brother he did not bow. Poseidon looked like Zeus, except he had brown hair. “You will give her your lungs.” It went on like this:

  • Demeter was hands.
  • Athena was brain.
  • Hermes was feet.
  • Aphrodite was heart.
  • Ares was left arm.
  • Dionysius was liver.
  • Artemis was legs.
  • Apollo was eyes.
  • I was to give her a torso.
  • Zeus was her soul, her life force.

“Are we all agreed that we will be doing this?” Zeus questioned. We all nodded and bowed to him, being polite and all that. Then the ceremony started.



I was made the way my father said. The God’s copied what they were told and laid it out on the table in the middle of the circle.

With all the limbs and organs laid out on the table, Zeus breathed out a soul over the decapitated (soon-to-be) body, mine.



Once her soul was safely in her, a blinding light shone from her and blasted out causing all of us to cover our eyes.

We all looked back and on the table lay a baby. A beautiful, crimson copper haired baby girl; her hair was short and very curly. Her eyes were burnt orange and looked like the sun. She was small and yet, she was so beautiful. I got up and wrapped her in a cotton soft towel. I held her close. My daughter…if nothing else. I took her up to Zeus, to her father and he held her, his eyes showed me he cherished her.

“I want to call her Crimson, after her hair.”

“That’s nice.” He passed her to Athena and around the room she went. She didn’t cry or whine or whinge, she just smiled and mumbled as she went around. “We have to keep her safe. We mustn’t tell Hades of who she truly is. If any ask, she is…a new Goddess whose origins are unknown. Tell them that we are researching, but say nothing unless asked. Promise me?” Crimson was passed back to me and all of us promised to keep to the story, for her safety.



For 16 years, people or the God’s followed the story of my life and there was still a lot of speculation around who I was. Some would say that I was a Demi-God, some would say that I was a non-Greek Goddess and others would say that I was an old Greek Goddess that had just come back, but they all agreed on one thing for sure, Zeus and Hera loved me.

Whenever Hades came around, my mother would hide me away in the North wing of the castle, but on the day after my 16th birthday I decided to take a walk in The Garden of the Hesperides, my mother’s garden, but she had allowed me to grow flowers in there. I’d snuck out and so my family were looking for me, but I just wanted to see my garden.

I was wearing my favourite long dress. It was light blue and was strapless. There was a ribbon around the waist. My hair was down and in its usual baby curls. It was long, so long that it fell to my waist. I was holding a red tulip in my hand and I felt at peace. I happily walked through the garden’s path and stared at wonder at all the flowers there were. There were daisies, roses, carnations, tulips, orchids and so many more. It was so beautiful underneath the clear blue sky that hung in the air above me. I made it to the middle of the garden and then the once beautiful place turned sinister and evil. A dark cloud of evil smoke formed in front of me and out of the smoke stood the silhouette of my sworn enemy. The man who I had to defeat. He was wearing his usual black armour and robe. His black hair and beard looked just as worn and ratty as the last time I met him. He was my uncle Hades.

“Hello little Goddess.” He said in his usual raspy dead voice that sent chills down my spine every time he spoke to me.

“He-Hello.” I stuttered.

“Crimson, right?” He said as if he had forgotten, but I was his niece. He knew me.

“Right.” I said.

“Who are you Crimson, I mean really?”

“I…I don’t” I coughed. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh, but you do. It’s taken me many years, but I finally know who you are.” I just stared at him blankly as if he was talking gibberish and I waited. “You’re the Goddess of All. You’re made by 12 of the 13 most powerful Gods and it angers me that you were made without me.”

“I…I…” I didn’t know what to say.

“To punish my tyrant brother, I am going to punish you!”

“No, please…I’m…I’m only 16.” I begged.

“Ssh, I can’t kill you.”

“CRIMSON!” Ares yelled from a little far away, I could sense that he would not get to me in time. I was doomed.

“You will be stripped of your memory and body. You will be sent down to Earth, to live as a real 16 year old.” My uncle now officially scared me and that was a fact. He was all in black and had black smoke coming out of his feet. He reminded me so much of my dad, but he was so different from him.

“But…” What do you say to this? I mean apart from the obvious ‘no, please don’t!’

I could hear my family getting closer, trying to save me. I turned away to where the garden path had started, for a split second, and when I turned back Hades stabbed me with a long black dagger. I felt it hit me, pierce me and go right through me. I gasped out in pain and Hades just let me fall to the cold ground, or was that me?

“Goodbye, little niece.” Just as he disappeared in the engulfing darkness, Athena and Ares turned up. Athena was in her usual battle gear with her pixie short hair hidden under a golden helmet. She had un-sheathed her sword and had her warriors outfit on. Ares was in armour too and he was also in a warrior’s skirt. He had red and black hair, his beard was black too. He had many muscles and he looked ready for a fight, as usual. His hair was short, but he wasn’t and his eyes blazed red.

“Crimson? Crimson?!” Athena yelled once she saw my bloody body on the floor. She ran over to me, sat down beside me and lifted me up into her arms. My legs lay on the floor and Athena laid my head in her arms. I cried out in pain and spluttered blood from my mouth.

“I’ve been…punished. I’m being sent…to Earth.” I spluttered through the pain.

“FATHER!” Ares yelled to the sky.

A shot of lightning fell to the ground by Ares and my father materialized from it in his normal white toga.

“Crimson.” He sighed in sadness when he saw me. He knelt beside me and stroked my blood covered face.

“She’s dying, she’s been punished. Sent to Earth.”

“Dad…” I coughed and blood started to pool out of my mouth on to the floor. He kneeled beside me and took my hand.

“It is ok baby, I’ll find a way to bring you back, I promise.” I closed my eyes and I was gone. I was made to forget and I was sent to the body of a 16 year old girl who was also called Crimson. I changed her hair, her eyes and who she is.



I followed behind my husband, to where my daughter was and yet, when I turned up, she was gone. All that was left was a shell of what she was and the light was gone in her eyes. My daughter was gone and all that was left was this bleeding body.

“NO! Crimson, where is she?” I cried out as I got on my hands and knees in front of my daughter.

“Exiled. Hades has sent her to Earth.” My daughter was gone, gone to Earth.



I had no memory of who I was or where I was from and when I woke up I was in a bed, in a hospital. I had been in a car accident with my dad and we had been hit by a car. I had died, but I was saved luckily. However, my dad had died and didn’t get saved like me, but I was diagnosed with amnesia and I didn’t even recognise my own mother.

My mum took me away from New York and moved me to London. After a few days, a few things seem normal like the taste of my favourite foods and my favourite clothes, but other things were odd to me and no matter how hard my mum tries, I can’t remember my family.

Tomorrow I would be starting a new school and I would try for a new life, but I have a few problems like when I get angry, I feel like there is lightning or electricity going through my fingers or when my mood changes badly or extremely, so do my eyes which only seemed to be a flicker like when I am sad I will see my eyes flicker blue then orange. I have a terrible temper, which my mum says is new and I have saved animals from death with a single touch.

I’m good at most things and I have been told that I am beautiful. I’m a fantastic swimmer, the feel of the water against my skin is a great thing and I have weird dreams, but I am trying so hard to be normal after my accident. I am going to be a normal 16 year old girl while in London and I refuse to be the girl with problems, by the way my name is Crimson Hapson and I’m 16 years old.




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